When he was working in Alaska, he and a friend heard the howling of wolves on the mountain. They searched all around nervously. They found that the foot of a female wolf was caught by a trapper and howling. When he saw the strange trapper, he knew it was an old worker. He hunted animals in his spare time and sold fur to help his family. But the old man had been sent to An'an by helicopter due to heart disease Kritch hospital went to the first aid. The female wolf would starve to death because there was no one to deal with it. He wanted to release the female wolf, but the female wolf was very fierce. He couldn't get close to it. He found that the female wolf was dripping milk, indicating that there was a little wolf in the wolf's lair, so he and his companions spent nine cows and two tigers to find the lair, and brought four little wolves to the female wolf's lair to nurse, so as not to starve to death. He shared his food with the female wolf to maintain her life. At night, he had to camp near the female wolf to protect the wolf family, because the female wolf was caught and could not defend himself. Until the fifth day, when he went to feed, he found that the mother wolf's tail shook a little. He knew that he had begun to gain the trust of the mother wolf. Three days later, the mother wolf made him close enough to release the animal clamp and release the mother wolf. When the mother wolf was free, she licked his hand and asked him to apply medicine to his feet. Then she took the little wolf away and looked back at him frequently all the way.